Water & Sewer

Build & Use in Minutes

Our No Code Platform offers an extensive range of water & sewer industry-specific templates that you can use to build a feature-rich mobile app within minutes.

Accelerate Inspections

Paper-based forms slow down inspections. Instead, use a feature-rich mobile application that can help you to seamlessly enter inspection data.

Improve Survey Quality

Conducting qualitative surveys can help you to improve maintenance & allied works. Natifi helps you to do just that!


Simplify Task Delegation

Giving verbal instructions & assigning tasks to relevant personnel daily can become a huge challenge. Digitize task delegation & streamline workforce management with Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions.

Automate Inventory Orders

Integrate the existing systems with your mobile application via RESTful API and seamlessly automate inventory orders.

Take Care of Your Workers

Ensuring worker safety is a huge responsibility. Integrate regulatory compliance and safety procedures in your mobile application so that workers can stick to them without any deviations.

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Simplify & automate data collection, task delegation and more with the help of a customized mobile application.
Improve employee efficiency by digitizing form processes. Empower your workers to do more work in less time!
Generate custom action plans & trigger timely CAPAs via push notifications to ensure smooth maintenance work.
Track work completion status with the help of customized mobile forms in your mobile application.

Customers Reviews

Carrying out timely maintenance activities in this industry can become a daunting task due to miscommunication. Natifi solved this problem by enabling us to use a powerful mobile application
Kenneth Jones
I am able to get real-time reports from my workers who are spread across various locations, thanks to Natifi
Joshua Harold
I can easily manage all my in-house & field workforce with the help of a custom mobile application from Natifi
Ronald Miller

Streamline Water & Sewer Works with Natifi

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