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Obtain Better Information

Get qualitative information by leveraging our No Code Platform and ensure that you adhere to regulatory compliance

Seamlessly Audit Assets

Easily conduct audits and enter the obtained data in your mobile application. This will help you to keep a record of the maintenance of medical assets & equipment by your employees.

Leverage Field Data with Ease

Our AI based Mobile App Builder helps you to effectively build custom enterprise mobile apps that can help field workers to easily collect health-care-related data.


Integrate Existing Systems

Worried about compatibility issues? Seamlessly integrate your mobile application into existing systems!

Create & Automate Action Plans

Natifi empowers you to create & automate action plans to accelerate healthcare processes.

Define Workflows

Leverage custom form logic to create workflows that trigger alerts & initiates follow-up actions.

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Integrate your mobile application into the existing Hospital Information System (HIS) and initiate API calls for automated workflows.
Improve surveys & audits with the help of customized form logic and obtain accurate data.
Streamline data collection of patient’s current health status & allied information with flexible mobile forms.
Create customized workflows that automatically delegate follow-up tasks according to employee-generated responses.

Customers Reviews

Getting field data has become a breeze for my healthcare institution
Nathan Smith
Natifi has helped me to seamlessly integrate an easy-to-use mobile application into my existing healthcare systems with the help of REST API
Kyle Jones
Getting real-time reports about patient’s conditions does help me to plan their next course of treatment
Jeremy Miller

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