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Enhance Quality Control

Build a robust mobile application & incorporate dynamic mobile forms that enable workers to enter accurate data. Leverage the data to improve the quality of mining activities.

Instantly Correct Issues

Send out corrective action plans via push notifications as soon as your field workers uncover any issues. This helps you to fix issues in real-time.

Enforce Company Policies

Incorporate company policies in your mobile application so that in-house & field employees can seamlessly adhere to them without any deviations.


Minimize Downtime

Avoid shutdowns in key mining-related activities with customized action plans, workflows & real-time escalations.

Get Real-Time Reports

Obtain real-time reports from various locations. Use the crucial data to seamlessly send custom action plans.

Enhance Worker Safety

Leverage a custom mobile application and include safety practices in it via mobile forms to protect your workers from any untoward incidents.

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Empower your employees with real-time action plans via Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions so that they can fix issues on the spot.
Build & customize mobile forms with our mobile form builder & use them to drive your business growth.
Streamline maintenance work with the help of automated task assignments, personalized notifications and more.
Speed up Inspections, Audits as well as Corrective & Preventive Actions with a personalized Mining mobile application.

Customers Reviews

Managing a mining workforce is very challenging. But with the help of a customized mobile application from Natifi, I am able to easily do it
Nathan Smith
Natifi helped me to build a mobile application that can automate inventory orders as per business requirements
Kyle Jones
Real-time reports help me stay connected with all my field workers and monitor all the mining activities
Jeremy Miller

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