Humanitarian Aid

Accelerate Response Times

Leverage our No Code Platform to build & use a world-class Humanitarian Aid mobile application. Automate task delegation, trigger notifications and do more via custom workflows to expedite response times.

Speed Up Inspections

Digitize data collection with the help of a customized mobile app to accelerate inspections and audits.

Seamlessly Connect with Field Workers

A mobile application is portable and easy-to-use. Leverage it to connect with field workers and get reports and other crucial information in real-time.


Obtain Reliable Data

Use custom form logic & validation to ensure correct data entry. This translates to seamless & accurate data collection which can be leveraged to generate customized action plans.

Streamline Surveys

Take advantage of our AI based Mobile App Builder to build customized mobile applications for surveys. Go paperless with Natifi!

Automate Aid Orders

Integrate existing systems via RESTful API and leverage inventory data to automate aid orders.

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Digitize Data Collection with a customized Enterprise-grade mobile application to get insights into inspection data.
Leverage our feature-rich Mobile Form Builder to create & use mobile forms as per changing situations.
Equip field workers with custom action plans when they report any real-time challenges.
Send notifications, assign follow-up tasks and more via complex workflows to ensure timely responses.

Customers Reviews

Natifi has helped me to build a robust mobile application that helped me to provide timely humanitarian aid
Nathan Smith
Sending notifications & action plans via custom workflows has helped me to reduce response times
Kyle Jones
Natifi is a wonderful mobile app builder that enabled a rookie like me to build a professional humanitarian aid mobile application in minutes
Jeremy Miller

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