Conduct Risk Assessments

Use a feature rich mobile data collection app to gather data about risk assessments carried out across various locations.

Leverage Real-Time Reports

Obtain real-time reports from workers across locations & use it to generate action plans and custom workflows

Connect with Field Workers

Seamlessly connect with your field workforce via Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions to send out notifications, launch escalations & initiate approvals.


Ensure Proper Procedures

Incorporate regulatory guidelines & allied policies into your mobile app so that your field workers can adhere to them with ease.

Improve Worker Safety

Use data obtained from inspections about locations and trigger notifications to those employees who enter risky areas.

Automate Task Delegation

Start your daily routine with automated task delegation via custom workflows. Simplify workforce management with Natifi.

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Take advantage of our No Code Platform to create & use a world-class mobile application for forestry works.
Send out personalized alerts & custom action plans to your field workers whenever they face any real-time challenges.
Automate task delegation, follow-up tasks and more with custom workflows in your mobile application.
Speed up forestry activities & improve employee productivity with a feature-rich mobile application.

Customers Reviews

Carrying out tree surveys is much easier now thanks to a custom mobile application from Natifi
Adam Parker
Managing field workers & assigning tasks to them is as easy as taking a walk in the park
Bradley White
Building a mobile application to manage forestry activities is pretty easy
Douglas Edwards

Improve Forestry Activities with Natifi

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