Emergency Management

Reduce Disaster Impact

Get real-time reports from various locations in your customized mobile application and generate appropriate action plans to mitigate the impact of disasters.

Minimize Policy Disconnects

Incorporate emergency management policies in your mobile application so that first-hand responders can adhere to them.

Improve Emergency Management

Set-up custom workflows to initiate action plans as soon as you get inputs from field workers about real-time situations.


Improve Field Worker Safety

Trigger personalized notifications about safety steps that field workers should follow while responding to emergency situations.

Measure Effectiveness of Response

Leverage crucial data obtained from in-house and field workers about the effectiveness of response during emergencies. Use it to improve disaster management capabilities.

Ensure Timely Response

Leverage a custom Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions to automatically assign dispatch calls to your field team as soon as you receive distress calls

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Go paperless with a customized Enterprise-grade mobile application to accelerate emergency responses.
Take advantage of our powerful Mobile Form Builder to create & leverage dynamic forms according to real-time situations.
Ensure that first-hand responders take immediate action whenever they uncover any issues.
Trigger notifications, follow-up tasks and more via custom workflows to ensure fool-proof emergency management.

Customers Reviews

Natifi is a wonderful tool that helps in building & deploying an emergency management mobile application within minutes
Adam Parker
Real-time reports are indeed necessary when it comes to emergency management and that’s what my personalized mobile application does
Bradley White
Sending out notifications or triggering alerts during emergency management is a big challenge. But Natifi simplifies it to a large extent as it enables almost anyone to build a personalized emergency management mobile app
Douglas Edwards

Improve Emergency Management Response with Natifi

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