Electric Utilities

Streamline Work Orders

Build & deploy a personalized mobile application for your electric utilities company & seamlessly automate work and equipment orders.

Leverage Business-Relevant Workflows

Take advantage of our mobile form builder to leverage customized workflows as per your business process.

Get Reports in Real-Time

Connect with field-workers in real-time via your enterprise mobile application and get instant reports about task completion & other activities.


Take Advantage of Push Notifications

Integrate image & video capture in your mobile forms to trigger issue-specific action plans & relevant follow-up tasks with ease.

Ensure Business Continuity

Downtimes can have a serious impact on your daily operations. Minimize it with the help of Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions to achieve smooth workflows, real-time CAPAs & more.

Get Rich Data

Natifi allows you to build a robust mobile application that helps in collecting crucial data about inspections, surveys and audits with ease.

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Employees facing technical snags? Prompt them to take preventive actions in real-time with custom action plans.
Seamlessly collect data about your business processes, inventories & other aspects with personalized mobile forms.
Automatically assign tasks to your workforce with the help of a personalized enterprise mobile application.
Improve employee productivity & organization efficiency by accelerating business processes.

Customers Reviews

With Natifi, I was easily able to automate inventory orders
Adam Parker
Triggering notifications and launching escalations in real-time via a mobile application surely reduces downtime
Bradley White
My employees are able to complete more tasks in less time with the help of a personalized mobile application
Douglas Edwards

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