Build & Deploy within Minutes

Natifi offers a set of industry-specific app templates that you can use to build your customized mobile application in minutes.

Connect with your Employees

Create user profiles in your mobile application so that you can easily trigger personalized notifications and connect with your employees in real-time.

Customize your Mobile Application

Want to build a mobile app to manage employees in college, university or a personalized coaching class? Natifi has your back.


Ensure proper time management

Use our Mobile Form Builder to quickly build custom forms which automate task delegation, follow-up action plans and more for seamless time management.

Streamline Administrative Activities

Simplify administrative activities in your educational institution so that teachers & other employees can give more attention to students.

Reduce Costs

Stop wasting paper! Switch to an easy-to-use mobile application to minimize costs in procuring paper-based forms & registers.

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Efficiently collect data from all of your employees about classes conducted, student attendance numbers and more.
Incorporate customized action plans into your mobile app that prompt your employees to take corrective actions instantly.
Automate task assignment & obtain real-time reports to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of your educational institute.
Simplify student information systems by leveraging a customized Data Collection App from Natifi.

Customers Reviews

Natifi helped me to seamlessly handle attendance reports of all the classes that I teach
Adam Parker
Natifi enabled me to build a mobile application through which I can readily connect with all the teachers in our college
Bradley White
Natifi is a great tool that empowered me to automate task delegation in my university
Douglas Edwards

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