Data & User Management


Simplified User Management

Our powerful No Code Platform simplifies user profile management for enterprises & businesses.

Automated Data Management

Simply go into the App Data section to access all the data being managed by your enterprise-grade mobile application.


Improved Data Analysis

Natifi provides an in-app data analysis feature which can be effectively used to gain insights into business processes and more.

Seamlessly Update App User Data

Leverage Natifi’s user management dashboard to access all the user profiles. Easily check the details of each profile & update them as per business requirements.

Easy-to-Understand Graphs

Natifi makes data analysis easy. Simply head towards the data analysis tab to quickly check data analytics in the form of intuitive graphs.

Accelerate follow-up tasks

Customize workflows with the help of our feature-rich Mobile App Builder & leverage data management functionality to speed up task assignment based

Improve Productivity

Automating data collection, data management & workflows accelerates business processes which result in improved employee productivity.

Customers Reviews

Automating data analysis was a huge challenge for our enterprise. But once we adopted Natifi, everything became easy.
Paul Adams
Natifi has eased our burden of managing user profiles. Its all-in-one dashboard is a great tool which helps us to manage all user profiles with ease.
Kenneth Hill
Natifi’s No Code Platform streamlines & automates data management for our workforce
Brian Adams

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