Data Collection

Natifi is a powerful Mobile App Builder that empowers a gamut of industries & businesses to build and deploy an easy-to-use Mobile Data Collection App. Digitize & elevate existing workflows to automate data collection processes.


Automate Data Collection

Our No Code Platform enables you to seamlessly automate data collection activities for your enterprise. Go Paperless with custom Enterprise-grade mobile apps.

Rich Actionable Data

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions to gather actionable information. Use it to improve business processes & more!

Faster Turnaround

No need to wait for the processing of paper-based forms. Digitize & Automate Data Collection with custom Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions to complete more work in less time!

Customize Mobile Forms

Leverage our AI based Mobile App Builder to easily create customized mobile forms that are relevant to your business activities. Simplify Data Collection!

Reduced Costs & Errors

By digitizing data collection with the help of custom mobile apps, you effectively minimize paperwork & errors. This helps your enterprise to reduce unnecessary costs!

Excellent Productivity

With the help of a customized Data Collection App, your employees can easily enter data which is then automatically validated and analyzed. This results in amazing data accuracy which translates to higher operational efficiencies.

Customers Reviews

Natifi has helped our enterprise to seamlessly automate data collection with the help of a custom mobile application
Richard Shaw
Data Collection has been a headache for my startup due to slow manual processes. But with Natifi I was able to easily build & deploy a powerful yet easy-to-use mobile app and streamline data collection
Nicholas Adams
My employees are able to do more work in less time! All thanks to Natifi
Jonathan Hill


Simplify data collection with easy-to-use enterprise-grade mobile applications.
Leverage Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions to seamlessly carry out audits anywhere.


Obtain reliable data from various locations with the help of customized mobile applications.
Build personalized Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions to carry out any type of inspection.
Improve the efficiency of Corrective & Preventive Actions with feature-rich Mobile Form Solutions.

Incident Reports

Leverage real-time incident reports via mobile apps to fast-track approvals & reduce down times.
Leverage crucial insights into data from various locations to uncover root causes & fix them with customized action plans.

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