Get Real-Time Incident Reports

Stop waiting for hours to get an incident report. Simply build a robust enterprise mobile application that helps your field workers to report incidents in real-time.

Expedite Construction Activities

Real-time reports, automated follow-up tasks and more help you to speed up construction & allied activities.

Fix Issues on the Spot

Generate action plans based on real-time incident reports. Leverage the crucial data to trigger notifications and assign follow-up tasks from your enterprise mobile application.


Automatically Delegate Tasks

Assigning tasks has never been this easier. Simply use your custom Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions to automate task delegation.

Seamlessly Obtain Field Data

Mobile applications are portable & easy-to-use! Seamlessly connect with on-site & field workers to get real-time reports and other crucial information.

Enhance Safety & Efficiency

Conduct timely inspections with the help of a feature-rich mobile application & leverage the crucial data to improve worker safety & efficiency.

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Easily set-up custom workflows with form logic & assign follow-up tasks as per employee responses.
Seamlessly build & incorporate mobile forms in your app for equipment, personnel, property & vehicular inspections.
Collect field data even when you are offline & sync it via cloud once the internet is back up.
Simplify form-based approvals to speed up construction & allied processes.

Customers Reviews

Due to Natifi, I am able to get real-time reports from my all of the field workers at the construction site
Adam Parker
Natifi’s mobile forms are very easy to build & use. These have helped me to manage my workforce effectively
Bradley White
Fixing issues in real-time was a major challenge, but after using Natifi we are able to fix issues instantly
Douglas Edwards

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