Advantages of Drag & Drop Builder in No-Code Platforms
Advantages of Drag & Drop Builder in No-Code ...

No-Code Platforms are proving to be a boon for various enterprises as they simplify & accelerate App Development. One of the chief reasons for the accelerated app development & deployment is the presence of the Drag & Drop Builder. As

What is RealTime Preview in No Code Platforms
What is Real Time Preview in No Code Platforms?

If you go 6 to 7 years back, you’ll realize that previewing a mobile application in Real-Time wasn’t as easy as it is today. Why? Previewing a Mobile Application via traditional app development platforms is a tedious process because app

Design Enterprise Form Solutions
How to Design Enterprise Form Solutions in No-Code...

No-Code Platforms are revolutionizing the entire mobile app development scenario for enterprises. If you look back a decade ago, companies had to hire various personnel who possessed skills like coding, app testing, bug fixing, app development & more. Fast forward

Tips to Quickly Build an EnterpriseGrade Mobile App
How to Quickly Build an Enterprise-Grade Mobile Ap...

Building an Enterprise Mobile App quickly isn’t as easy as it sounds if you go the traditional way. But there are various app development platforms such as Low-Code or No-Code Platforms that can enable you to build a mobile application

user friendly app design
6 UI/UX Tips to Make Your Enterprise App More User...

While designing an enterprise-grade mobile app, it is essential to follow some important mobile app design guidelines to simplify the user experience. If you start adding design elements, fonts or widgets that are difficult to use, then it will hamper

Data Collection Automation
How Automated Data Collection Can Help Your Busine...

Collection of data is not a new thing. However, Data Collection Automation is a growing trend that is being adopted by various enterprises to ensure seamless & accurate data collection. As you might already know, manual data collection is a

Enterprise Grade Application
Which Mobile OS should you choose while Building a...

One of the dilemmas that an app developer faces while developing an enterprise grade application is the type of mobile operating system that the app will be developed for. So, the question arises whether you want to develop the app

Mobile Data Collection App
8 Industries that can use a Mobile Data Collection...

Tourism, banking, oil & gas, electricity & many other industries have been using traditional data collection techniques for decades. These techniques have brought good returns to businesses. However, such collection of data was manual, cumbersome & full of errors.  Many

5 benefits of a Mobile Data collection app for an Enterprise
5 benefits of a Mobile Data collection app for an ...

Businesses dealing in different areas such as product design & development, product testing, marketing, customer service & other fields require data for a variety of purposes. While some users use data to understand the timeline of a process, others need

Mobile Data Solutions
5 Things to Consider while Developing Enterprise M...

Many companies & budding startups who are planning to develop enterprise-grade mobile data solutions have to keep some basic things in perspective for a smooth mobile app development process. This is where many app developers stumble. Why? They fail to

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