Mobile Data Solutions
5 Things to Consider while Developing Enterprise M...

Many companies & budding startups who are planning to develop enterprise-grade mobile data solutions have to keep some basic things in perspective for a smooth mobile app development process. This is where many app developers stumble. Why? They fail to

No Code Platform
What to expect from a No Code Platform for Mobile ...

Startups & Leading Enterprises are looking for agility when they need to develop a mobile app. While traditional app development platforms are good, they take up a lot of time & resources. That is why many companies are switching to

Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make
6 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make Every...

In an era of cutting-edge no-code platforms & agile app deployment times, it is highly unlikely that app developers will commit mistakes while developing mobile apps.  However, no one is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes. But the important part is that

Significance of UI/UX design
Significance of UI/UX Design in Mobile Application...

Many people are using mobile applications for a variety of purposes. Some use it to book flight tickets while others use it to simplify their day-to-day activities. Mobile apps are also being leveraged by enterprises to streamline workflows, data collection

mobile app testing
Increasing Efficiency with Mobile Apps Test Automa...

The mobile phone has become a necessity for most modern people. This is because almost everyone owns a smartphone. Let’s look at some projections for mobile phones: According to Statista, Mobile connections (2G/3G/4G/5G) are projected to reach a whopping 9

native apps
How to Publish Native Applications Seamlessly?

Building & publishing a Native Mobile App is a challenge in itself. However, if you follow some simple steps, then native app publishing can be as easy as taking a walk in the park. Read on to know about Native

Automation data collection
How Automation in Data Collection Helps All Busine...

With the dawn of the digital age, companies have started using cutting-edge technologies to power their research, operations & marketing activities. Trailblazing technological solutions like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud & others empowered enterprises to streamline their operations for

manual data collection
4 Benefits of Using Automated Data Capture Instead...

Today’s digital era is a result of years of hard work & innovations. In this digital age, when automation is gradually taking over operational activities of a business, many companies are still using manual data collection methods. But, as we

enterprise mobile data solutions
Top Benefits of Implementing an Enterprise Mobilit...

In this digital era, everything is going mobile. Gone are the days when you had to get a computer to enjoy a seamless internet browsing experience. Even Google has changed the site-ranking parameter to mobile-first. This means that any website

5 Things to Look for in an Enterprise Mobile Devel...

Many small and large organizations are looking to build their very own mobile applications for their workforce. However, they need the right mobile development platform solution to build a mobile app that can seamlessly take care of business needs. So,

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